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Transport and Logistics Manager wanted: APPLY HERE

Transport and Logistics Manager wanted: APPLY HERE

Roodepoort, Gauteng


ROLE PURPOSE: To develop and manage transport logistics business plans which are aligned to the Supply Chain Management Strategy to achieve optimum asset utilisation and cost efficiency both nationally and at each zone. To develop cost-effective and executable tactical transport plans while adhering to the right service level of the transport function for the collection and distribution of blood, blood products, equipment and related reverse logistics activities in line with inbound resource availability and outbound demand.JOB DESCRIPTION: Transport logistics and fleet management planning and objective setting through establishing, developing and managing the business plan for the area being managed.1.1. Develop and align the National Transport, Fleet and Logistics Business Plan and strategies with the National Supply Chain Business Plan and strategies to achieve optimum asset utilisation and cost efficiency both nationally and at each zone.1.2. Communicate the accepted plan to stakeholders and implement service level agreements with zones and outsourced service providers (e.g.

couriers) and in conjunction with the procurement function where required.1.3. Identify transport logistics risks and develop plans to mitigate and reduce the risks.1.4. Assist the Senior Manager: Operations Supply Chain Logistics with the development of transport logistics initiatives and develop project plans for implementing agreed decisions.1.5. Develop own budget and consolidate, analyze and review all transport logistics budgets into one national budget for area of responsibility.1.6.

Review and where necessary request changes to manpower plan/structure to ensure the availability of staff to achieve operational requirements. Accomplishes operational objectives and efficiencies for the Area being managed: 2.1 Develop draft policies and procedures and standards for executive approval across the whole transport function; ensuring alignment of policies and procedures for product handling and movement with best operating practice as well as the company’s standards and statutory requirements.2.2 Implement policies, procedures, and standards within the area being managed, conducts regular audits to ensure compliance, and take remedial action taken where required.2.3 Manage the transport of blood and blood products nationally by: 2.3.1 Assisting the Senior Manager: Operations Supply Chain Logistics to design the transport logistics network to connect the sourcing locations with customers at the lowest possible cost within the constraints of the company’s Customer Service policy.2.3.2 Assisting the Senior Manager: Operations Supply Chain Logistics to establish and implement a vehicle lifecycle programme comprising a Technical Specifications File, Fleet Register, Vehicle Allocation Model, replacement and disposal plans.2.3.3 Analysing the national transport logistics activity and compile an organised programme of activities, which ensures that performance measures are designed, formalized and implemented.2.3.4 Identifying an optimum fleet configuration that best suites the organisations needs and recommend updates to the Technical Specifications for company’s vehicles2.3.5 Managing and optimizing transport and trip planning in order to ensure effective collection and delivery of shipments both nationally and at each zone.2.3.6 Monitoring and managing the utilization of the company’s vehicle fleet.2.3.7 Ensuring that procedures are in place to maintain vehicles in a good working order, and to present a positive image of the organisation to the general public through proper scheduling of routine services and daily maintenance of vehicles.2.3.8 Ensuring adherence to the statutory requirements in respect of vehicles and loads at all times.2.3.9 Ensuring drivers comply with the company’s Road Traffic Safety policy (drivers have valid licences/permits, drivers are trained, and drivers undergo medical assessments as required)2.4 Manage operational activities of transport sub-contractors. Accomplishes the financial objectives for the department and national transport logistics: 3.1. Implement cost control and budget procedures.3.2. Manage and monitor the overall transport cost budget and report and motivate variances.3.3. Develop draft fleet performance measures for approval by the executive and monitor, report and take corrective action where variances from agreed norms and standards are identified.3.4.

Ensure that systems, procedures are implemented to monitor vehicle maintenance andcosts against vehicle service and maintenance budgets and identify vehicles recommended for disposal.3.5. Review vehicle utilization and recommend swopping of vehicles to ensure mileage is evenly distributed over the fleet, or recommend vehicle for disposal in line with the vehicle replacement policy and procedures.3.6. Advise the procurement function timeously of vehicle replacement requirements, considering vehicle replacement cycles, and time required to procure and upfit accessories to vehicles.Ensures that Quality Levels are maintained and monitored on an ongoing basis: 4.1 Maintain and monitor quality levels at all times.4.2 Monitor trends, audits results and produces ongoing reports to ensure statutorycompliance, and deviations are corrected e.g. National Road Traffic Act, cold chain violations, environmental control, and road traffic safety.4.3 Ensures all Zones transport functions complies with internal audits by monitoring non-conformances raised and performing monthly visits.4.4 Evaluate and validate SOPs and Quality Programs and develop action plans to correct deviations, errors and deficiencies.4.5 Ensuring compliance with the Road Traffic Safety policy and procedures for vehicles and driversunder their control.4.6 Investigating vehicle accidents, taking corrective action and reporting to the Safety and Environment Department.Ensures that Service Providers are managed to support day to day operational activities: 5.1.

Manage the relationship with fleet/fuel card providers and ensure adherence to SLA.5.2. Manage relationship with maintenance management providers, ensure adherence to SLA and identify and rectify vehicle maintenance related issues.5.3. Audit providers of routine service maintenance and spares regularly, to ensure amounts invoiced equal work done/ spares supplied and quality of work performed is on standard.5.4. Manage relationship with fleet vehicle tracking service providers and ensure adherence to SLA.5.5.

Manage relationship with fleet support services providers and ensure adherence to SLA (e.g. vehicle breakdown, accident management, licence and fines management)People managed to achieve operational objectives: 6.1. Manage direct reports by implementing and monitoring the Performance Management system. Identify and track training needs and ensure completion of required technical training.6.2.

Ensure regular two-way communication with employees on organisational matters e.g. values, policy and strategy, SOPs etc.6.3. Monitor and control staff time-keeping records, general and specific absenteeism trends and overtime worked to ensure adherence to SANBS HR policy and relevant National Legislation and take appropriate corrective action where necessary.6.4. Monitor the co-ordination and control of shift exchanges and employee leave and sick leave to ensure the provision of adequate personnel for cost-effective running of the department and submit required documentation to HR by the agreed day of the month.6.5.

Deal with grievances, conflict and disciplinary issues and take appropriate corrective actions in accordance with SANBS Policy on matters related to misconduct & incapacity (performance & ill-health), with a view to improving productivity.6.6. Recruitment and the selection of suitable candidates according to manpower plan Recruitment & Selection procedures and EE targets.6.7. Attend information meetings and appropriate training sessions as required, to remain informed of current field-related developments, to promote knowledge sharing where relevant according to IPA specifications.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: – Bachelor of Commerce degree in Logistics/Transport or equivalent- 5 – 8 years in a managerial role within a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company or similar business with a turnover of at least R500 million- Formulating strategic plans and policies with regards to product movement and driver and vehicle activities- Formulating strategic plans and policies with regards to vehicle lifecycle activities (specification, selection, procurement, replacement, disposal).- Managing outsourced fleet support services (vehicle tracking, fleet cards, maintenance and related administrative services)- Using transport/ logistics routing software (PTV Route Optimiser / PLATO or similar) to execute route planning.- Management of large vehicle fleet ( >150 vehicles) with national footprint- Managing outsourced transport service providers/ sub-contractors- Costing and budgeting for transport and logistics services. Other (knowledge and skills), e.g. understanding of relevant legislation; knowledge of relevant company procedures: – National Road Traffic Act.- Dangerous Goods Transportation Act.- Knowledge of vehicle engineering design.- Knowledge of SANBS policies and procedures.- Knowledge of vehicle mechanics.- Knowledge and skill of advanced driving techniques.- Knowledge of Transport/Fleet Management Systems.SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES (E.G.

TRAVEL, WORKING AFTER HOURS ETC.)- Extensive travel between the zones will be required.- Overtime will be required in the course of the jobholders duties.- Own car essential.- On call to resolve logistical issues.- Position cannot be performed by a person with a disability.- Must be physically fit.- Drivers license.

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