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Manufacturing Manager urgently needed: APPLY HERE

Manufacturing Manager urgently needed: APPLY HERE

Vacancy Details
Employer: Unique Personnel
General Information


The Manufacturing Manager position encompasses the controlling and managing of all manufacturing related activities in order to ensure that the required products are manufactured to specific standards in the most economic and efficient manner.
Reports To: Manufacturing Operations Executive (MOE)

Competencies Required:

Qualification in either a production or related degree/diploma
5 years experience in a production management position in a coatings manufacturing plant
Ability to speak Zulu or Xhosa would be an advantage.
Strong industrial relations experience
Good people management skills
Computer literate, experience in an ERP system (BAAN, SAP) would be an advantage.
Attention to detail
Performance Areas


To ensure that production continues in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
Function: Critical Outcomes:
Responsible for:
All manufacturing staff members and their:
Productive utilisation
Quality of product manufactured
All manufacturing equipment including (but not limited to)
High speed dispersers
Lifting equipment incl. forklifts
Cleanliness and the maintenance of the above.
Control of resources
Raw material, labour and other necessary resources are co-ordinated in order to ensure that production batches are manufactured in accordance with the production schedule.
Raw Material
Requirements are co-ordinated with the Raw Material Supervisor in order to ensure that all required weighed batches are available in time to sustain uninterrupted
The daily and weekly production schedule is kept up to date and is followed by all production staff.
Ensure that the planned sequence in which batches are to be manufactured is adhered to. Discuss with Logistics Manager should sequence need to be changed.
The rework of damaged/redundant stock is monitored and reworked in the most efficient manner.
Production warehouses 002, 003, and 005 are monitored and actioned. Function: Critical Outcomes:

Production requirements

The production department has all the necessary resources required in order to comply with legal and company regulations.


Manufacturing continues according to Company and legal standards. Authority is given to stop production should these standards not be met and to implement remedial action.
The production department is capable of meeting the required company targets within normal working hour as far as possible and manufacturing meets the required quality standards.
Decides on the most efficient and cost effective manner in which product is manufactured whilst considering basic paint manufacturing principals and works instructions.
Daily on previous day’s through-put, absenteeism, problems encountered, constraints, technical issues, etc..
Monthly on productivity, non-conformances, machine down-time, through-put, staff and EH&S related issues.
Ensure that all mixing equipment is made available for preventative maintenance when scheduled.
Reports equipment failure to MOE and Maintenance Foreman immediately.
Ensures that equipment is used correctly and reports abuse immediately.
Data Capture
All manufacturing information is recorded accurately for capturing on BAAN.
All relevant manufacturing documentation, required for month-end, is completed in time.
Manufacturing discrepancies/variances are investigated, actioned and reported.
Capital Expenditure
Participate in preparation of annual production budgets
Participate in preparation of future planning within the production department, particularly with respect to Capex expenditure and human resources requirements.
Stock Takes
Participate in quarterly stock-takes.
Ensure that warehouses 002,003 & 005 is prepared for stock-take
Fill in for Production or Filling Manager in their absence should the need arise.
Management of the Manufacturing Team


To ensure a productive and motivated manufacturing team.
Function: Critical Outcomes:
Establishing priorities for team members
Priorities are established for team members to increase staff’s responsibility and accountability.
Productivity and overtime
Ensure that all staff members are utilised productively.
Introduce measures to eliminate down-time and bottlenecks in consultation with technical and MOE
Determine necessity to work overtime daily, authorise and manage effectively or hand over to next shift manager.
Performance Management
Performance measurement tools are implemented to identify areas in which staff members excel or perform below standard and increased focus is set to maintain or improve these areas.
Recommend staff promotion based on evaluation, performance and qualification.
Dealing with team issues
A team environment is created to ensure teamwork and effective communication.
Control of Subordinates
Daily tasks are allocated to manfacturing staff and performance is monitored to ensure that the required service and quality levels are maintained.
Disciplinary issues are handled without delay (i.e. arrival late at work, poor performance, non-compliance with Company policies.)
All staff complies with the OHS Act requirements and the Company policies and procedures.
All required ISO procedures and policies are understood and followed at all times.
Housekeeping and Safety


To ensure the maintenance of a clean and healthy working environment and to reduce the risks of injury in the production area.
Function: Critical Outcomes:

Ensures that:

Housekeeping standards continuously improve.
All manufacturing equipment is cleaned after use and before hand-over to next shift.
All spillages are reported, investigated, cleaned immediately and the product is recovered where possible.
All empty 200L drums are stored neatly and safely in dedicated storage area.
All pallets are neatly stacked and stored in the relevant storage area.
All refuse bins are cleaned daily.
Be member or safety committee.
Report any unsafe act or condition to Manager and EH&S Officer immediately
All fire escapes and doorways are unobstructed at all times.
All fire fighting equipment and electrical distribution boards are accessible at all times.
All staff wear appropriate protective clothing at all times.
All containers and packaging received is stacked at a safe height.
Subordinates are given the necessary safety information to ensure awareness and compliance with all safety requirements.
Authority is given to stop any activity which is deemed “unsafe”, to re-assess and implement corrective action.

Candidate Requirements
Qualification in either a production or related degree/diploma 5 years experience in a production management position in a coatings manufacturing plant Ability to speak Zulu or Xhosa would be an advantage. Strong industrial relations experience Computer literate, experience in an ERP system (BAAN, SAP)

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