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“Unlock $28,000 Transfer Scholarships for International Students at Clark University”

Secure $28,000 Transfer Scholarships for International Students With Clark University

If you’re an international transfer student looking to pursue your undergraduate education, Clark University offers an excellent opportunity with its Transfer Scholarships.

In this article, we’ll delve into the various scholarships available to you and guide you through the application process.

Clark University Transfer Scholarships: Eligibility and Options

As an international student transferring to Clark University, you may qualify for Clark Merit Scholarships.

These scholarships are automatically considered when you submit your admissions application, eliminating the need for separate applications.

Your academic achievements, as demonstrated in your admission application, are the primary criteria for eligibility, making these scholarships accessible to many students.

Keep an eye on your admission decision, as it will include information about any merit scholarships you may have been awarded.

Secure $28,000 Transfer Scholarships for International Students With Clark University

International Transfer Scholarships: A Range of Opportunities

Clark University offers a suite of International Transfer Scholarships designed to assist students transferring from two- or four-year institutions.

No separate scholarship application is required, simplifying the process for interested students.

Here are the scholarship options available for students starting in Fall 2023:

  • International Traina Transfer Scholarship: $28,000 annual award
  • International Achievement Transfer Scholarship: $26,000 annual award
  • International Jonas Clark Transfer Scholarship: $21,000 annual award
  • International Scarlet Award Transfer Scholarship: $16,000 annual award
  • International 1887 Transfer Scholarship: $13,000 annual award

About Clark University

Nestled in the vibrant community of Worcester, Massachusetts, Clark University welcomes students from across the globe who are driven by creativity, passion, and intellectual curiosity.

At Clark, we believe in imagining a better world and working to bring those visions to life.

Clark University’s mission is to provide an education that shapes undergraduate and graduate students into imaginative, contributing global citizens.

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Our academic program focuses on a liberal arts education enriched by interactions between undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty.

We also offer select professional programs to cater to a wide range of interests.

Whether you’re just starting your educational journey or seeking to continue learning throughout your life, Clark University is here to support your aspirations.

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