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ATM Custodian wanted urgently: APPLY HERE

ATM Custodian wanted urgently: APPLY HERE

Job Description:

The successful incumbent is required to have sound knowledge of the business as well as its Cash and ATM/ADT Custodian processes and procedures and how they interface with the front end

Expected to be vigilant and drive zero tolerance with regards to differences and always ensure that a high standard of work is maintained
Load, maintain and replenish ATM/ADT devices within the business
Be responsible for a number of ATM/ADT and undertake the routine
Take full custodianship of ATM/ADT devices
Reduce PULA value of ATM/ADT differences as being the total of absolute net shortages plus absolute net surplus as reflected on the General Ledger of the business unit under control
Achieve Balanced Scorecard Profit results for the Self
Ensure cost controls within budgets requirements e.g. cell phones bills and tool of trade vehicle and effective control and management of overtime targets
Achieve the delivery of exceptional customer by providing first line support and after hours support on a 7-day standby week according required Service Level Agreements
Self Service Devices availability measured by means of the ATM/ADT reports and benchmark 98% uptime

Job Details

Application Closing Date: 29/02/24

All appointments will be made in line with FirstRand Group’s Employment Equity plan. The Bank supports the recruitment and advancement of individuals with disabilities. In order for us to fulfill this purpose, candidates can disclose their disability information on a voluntary basis. The Bank will keep this information confidential unless we are required by law to disclose this information to other parties.

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