Accountant wanted in Cape Town: Salary R25000.00 per Month


Cash & safe related bookings on a daily basis. All cash statements to be booked on the next day.

Bank related bookings on a daily basis

Bank reconciliations with bank statement on a weekly basis and formally documented at least on a monthly basis (controlled by Ch. Acc or Fin. Man.)

Compare the cash delivery receipt (copy of the document given to cash collection company) with bank statements on a daily basis (controlled by Ch. Acc or Fin. Man.)

Z report, Cash,Bank and accounting records reconciliations on a weekly basis and formally documented at least on a monthly basis (controlled by Ch. Acc or Fin. Man.)

Checking bank charges & commissions (controlled by Ch. Acc or Fin. Man.)

Attend store cash counts regularly

Preparation and/or control of payment requests in internal payment approval system (controlled and approved by Ch.Acc or Fin. Man)

Preparation of related documents/forms for payment and execution through bank accounts (controlled by Ch. Acc or Fin. Man.)

Preparation and/or control the compliance of banking service agreement and bank related documents (controlled by Ch. Acc or Fin. Man.)

Follow up rent payments to be done on time and correctly including receipt of all required approvals

Following the execution of all supplier payments correctly and on time. Making sure that intercompany payments are made within 60 days.

Controlling Sales & Returns Data and missing sales on a weekly basis (Cash Statements & Return Documents) (controlled by Ch. Acc or Fin. Man.)


Sales / Returns and Discounts bookings on a daily basis (controlled by Ch. Acc or Fin. Man.)

Prepare monthly fee & commission reports quarterly

Prepare and report monthly FX Exposure

Recording of import invoices

Recording of export invoices

Recording of import related all other invoices and expenses

Prepare COGS related calculations (unit costs, etc)

Recording of transfer orders (for multiple warehouse systems)

Goods transport invoices booking / Intercompany

Booking of fixed asset acquisitions, sales & write-offs

Capitalization of fixed asset related costs (including the construction costs of the stores)

Maintaining fixed asset registers

Depreciation bookings for local

Expense and prepaid expense accruals (making sure that all expenses are booked properly to the relevant period)

Book all transactions on a daily basis and ensure keeping books in order on a daily basis

Advance & expense transactions bookings and follow-up the closing of balances (advances) within 60 days and reporting to HQ

Provisions (ETB, inventory, etc) booking

Obligatory Fees calculation and bookings

Customer / Supplier reconciliations to be done on a monthly basis for high volume items (e.g. 3PL partners) and quarterly for low volume items (Control by Finance Manager & Chief Accountant)

Keeping proper documentation of primary and supporting accounting documents in perfect order


Source: News24

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