Audit Senior Manager required: Salary R432 per week


Audit Senior Manager required: Salary R432 per week

Job Purpose
Contribute to the development of Internal Audit’ strategy and translation into operational plans. The purpose is to provide direction and leadership to the team in executing the Standard Bank Group Internal Audit strategy and plan in the allocated portfolio. Manage all administration and reporting related to risk and executive committees, while providing the executive management team assurance and advisory on effective and cost efficient governance, risk management and control processes within the group.

Reports To
Executive Internal Auditor

Alternative Job Title

Job Function

Job Family
Internal Audit

Industry Job Title
Not Applicable

Level of Work
4 – Execution Management

Career Type

Industry Job Code

Job Criticality
Not Rated

Key Responsibilities

Contribute to the development of Audit functional and service strategy
Execute the Group Internal Audit (GIA) and translate it to operational plans for the allocated portfolio area.
Develop the allocated area’s service approach and continuously align to industry best practice, GIA Strategy and relevant Audit Portfolio Business unit strategy.
Ensure effective execution of the operational plans and realisation of targeted benefits
Ensure a balance of optimal risk coverage and effortless and efficient service delivery through partnership and reliance on work performed by management, group risk, external auditors, and regulators.
Contribute towards development of GIA goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and define team goals and KPIs to support delivery of GIA annual performance goals
Attend and present GIA reports to Executive and other Management committees, and accountable for meeting action items allocated to GIA.
Manage relationships for allocated portfolio
Build and foster a good relationship with business units, enabling functions, risk and compliance management stakeholders (all relevant levels of management impacted by the service) especially those working in your allocated audit portfolio – through regular communication and formal status reporting.
Build and foster a good working relationship with internal audit teams and colleagues (all relevant service teams and management levels) to promote cross skilling and optimise cross team delivery – through regular communication.
Understand the allocated portfolio’s business strategy (including all related enabling functions) to provide insight and expert knowledge during planning and execution of audits.
Understand annual key risk concerns for the business area as well as industry and latest trends impacting risk and control practices
Understand annual key risk concerns for the business area as well as industry and IT trends impacting risk and control practices
Identify and recommend areas of improvement (for accountable process owners) in the control environment of your allocated audit portfolio and other areas of the group.
Provide input and keep up with the status and outcomes of all reviews performed in your allocated audit portfolio and establish common themes for management focus.
Identify opportunities to provide business with value-add services (using GIA advisory competencies) to proactively contribute to attainment of business objectives.
Provide the third line assurance services
Contribute to development of the GIA Annual Audit Plan applying a risk based approach.
Perform regular risks assessment to maintain the relevance of the annual plan, assessing both internal and external risk factors.
Motivate for changes to the committed annual audit plan (change of timing, scope or addition/removal) that might arise from risk changes, ad-hoc GIA leadership requests and business management requests.
Deliver on all planned/agreed/allocated audits/advisory/proactive assurance on change the bank assignments (as per annual plan or added to plan as per management request) in the allocated audit portfolio.
Contribute to audit objective setting and risk assessment by providing insight on all audits/advisory/proactive assurance on change the bank performed in your allocated audit portfolio.
Direct, guide, monitor progress and ensure consistency of approach and quality of audit/advisory/proactive assurance assignments where the SPONSOR role is allocated.
Define scope, approach and detailed plan and allocate resources. Manage and control delivery of the assignment plan, report and close audit/advisory/proactive assurance assignments where LEAD role is allocated.
Deliver allocated components of the audit/advisory/proactive assurance assignment and report on these according to the GIA methodology and GIA quality standards.
Implement and contribute to continuous enhancement of quality control standards and toolkits for audit assignments.
Ensure all assigned / functional working papers, from planning to reporting, have been completed and reviewed within deadline, as well as correct classification and allocation of findings in the Audit Tool.
Report key issues or audit findings accurately in a succinct, impactful manner, clearly articulate and substantiate materiality or significance of the risk and its impact.
Ensure management actions are appropriate to mitigate the risk, sustainable, and have management commitment.
Lead a team of Managers Audit
Maintain a succession plan for the team by reviewing the skills of the team at least twice a year and having career conversations with them.
Interview and recruit new members of the team, including determining the appropriate salary with input from the Human Capital Business Partner.
Monitor the implementation of the performance process in the team and apply it rigorously to direct reports.
Participate in departmental goal and performance rating quality review (moderation) processes and annual performance based REM (Bonus award allocation) moderation process for the department.
Manage the Performance Management process of reportees from Goal setting, Personal development planning, continuous performance monitoring and formal evaluation and appraisal of annual performance contract.
Determine development needs of the team and ensure that development opportunities (training, rotation, on-the-job learning) are budgeted for and executed.
Proactively drive own development plans. Facilitate development of junior staff, where applicable. Coach/mentor individuals or intentionally transfer knowledge to individuals on the job to mature their professional skills and careers.
Monitoring staff performance standards for purposes of motivation, discipline, counselling and rewarding
When required, initiate disciplinary processes for team members. Resolve grievances raised by team members, escalating only if required.
Create quarterly leave plans to ensure adequate coverage. Approve leave requests ad leave sale requests.
Perform HR administration (personnel records: Leave, Training and EPM records);
Contribute to the continuous enhancement of the internal audit framework components
Contribute to the continuous enhancement of the internal audit framework components (Methodology, Approach, Templates, and Tools)
Develop and continuously enhance the service delivery framework components under the custody of the allocated audit service area.
Ensure that the knowledge database is kept up to date with key portfolio information.
Stay abreast with best practices, industry regulations, risks, audit techniques and tools through research, association with profession bodies, etc.
Provide operational management for the team
Develop and maintain an accurate resource allocation schedule for audit and non-audit activities to Audit portfolio team with an annual and monthly view.
Manage the sourcing and procurement process (including contracting), and timely processing of invoice receipts associated with turnkey vendors and contractors to capacitate the delivery of the service provided by the allocated audit portfolio.
Accountable for the performance and quality management of such vendors for services provided to the bank Formally track Vendor performance against key performance indicators and provide feedback at both the quarterly and yearly vendor performance management review meetings.
Produce a monthly report of Progress/Status against all active assignments (in the portfolio) updating all reporting tools.
Produce monthly report of Progress/Status against allocated portfolio open audit issues update issue tracking database and provide MIS to auditees and management committees.
Contribute to GIA’s periodic reports to the Group’s governance bodies (Audit Committees).

Behavioural Competencies

Upholding Standards

“Upholding Standards” within the organisation is important for ensuring that high quality products and services are provided as well as for ensuring that trust is created and maintained. Individuals need to focus on developing proper and discreet behaviour and to honour their commitments in order to be effective at demonstrating this competency.
Showing Composure

This is about the extent to which individuals can remain calm under pressure and maintain poise before and during important events. As such, the competency addressed in this document is concerned with the extent to which individuals show behaviours that lead to the effective handling of pressurised situations.
Team Working

This competency is about working well in a team. In order to develop this competency, individuals are encouraged to acknowledge the views and contributions of others, and to involve others in decision-making.
Making Decisions

This competency is about the pace at which individuals are prepared to make decisions, as well as their willingness to take responsibility for their decisions. It also deals with the extent to which individuals are definite about their views and opinions.
Articulating Information

This competency is about effectively expressing ideas and concerns, giving presentations, explaining things to others as well as showing confidence in the interaction with other people, both strangers and acquaintances alike.
Providing Insights

This dimension is about providing insight with regards to aspects that are likely to have an impact on the organisation. It is about making it clear to others what the implications of internal and external organisational environmental factors and processes are on the competitive position of the organisation. “Providing Insights” should be done with a focus on improving the situation.
Taking Action

This competency is about taking action in service of achieving the organisation’s goals. It is about being energetic, showing initiative and being action oriented.
Embracing Change

This competency, in the context of organisations is concerned with the extent to which individuals accept challenges and change as well as the extent to which individuals cope well with uncertainty. Accepting change and coping with uncertainty can enhance one’s ability to adapt effectively to changing circumstances, which is an ability of increasing importance in an ever more dynamic business environment.

Leadership Competencies

Leading Courageously

Believing in on self, own judgement, skills and experience, and using this self-confidence to challenge others for the benefit of Standard Bank.

3 Has confidence to bring conflict into the open to be resolved; Is able to confront others (peers, boss, etc.) or brings disagreement into the open with the purpose of resolving it, landing on a decision, to ensure action. Is open and honest when communicating with others (“straight talk”). Challenges popular values, decisions and opinions to ensure that actions are taken in the Bank’s best interest. Takes action in defiance of corporate rules and procedures for the greater good of the business and its stakeholders. Accepts personal risks and/or consequences of failure and persist in the face of opposition or fear.
Purposeful Collaboration

Understands and leverages the dependencies across the organisation and the impact of own actions on the rest of the organisation to create organisation alignment for decision-making and delivery of quality outcomes.

3 Ensures cross-functional alignment to take action; Uses a clear, disciplined process to fearlessly work from purpose and principles to decisions. Takes decisions as a group considering the input gathered to ensure cross-functional alignment. Commits to the group decision, and owns and implements the decision
Influencing Others

Effectively and strategically influences across the organisation, based on previously established credibility and respect, as well as understanding the organisational dynamics, politics and interpersonal context.

3 Tailors the strategic communications to the audience; Considers the thoughts, concerns, interests and personality of the audience when defining the influencing strategy. Adapts settings, words, presentation, and use of third parties or experts when attempting to influence decision makers or stakeholders. Engages the audience at an emotional level based on genuine personal conviction.
Seeking Deeper Understanding

Is actively curious, seeking a deeper, broader and more objective understanding, upon which to base commercial acumen, strategic decisions and actions.

2 Seeks to understand the external environment; Gathers information on specific clients/segments/countries/markets. Tries to get an objective view on external reality. Actively seeks to understand different cultures and diverse viewpoints.
Driving Delivery of Results

2 Proactively identify business opportunities or barriers to business performance and address them. Takes accountability for improving the business. Demonstrates a sense of urgency around the achievement of stretching business goals.

Makes decisions and takes action to improve performance; Makes changes to plans, offerings, etc. to get better results, improve business performance.
Growing Capability

Taking responsibility for identifying, developing and retaining capability for the benefit of the broader business, based on a genuine intent to foster the long term learning or development of others.

2 Grows capability by providing balanced developmental feedback; Provides ongoing feedback to individuals with the purpose of reinforcing their positive attributes, and discussing areas of development. Gives positive feedback and praise explicitly stating what the individual has done well and how this assists the team/the organisation. Tolerates well-intended mistakes and treats them as learning opportunities for that person and for the team.

Technical Competencies

Management of Audit function

The ability to manage the operations of the internal audit function to deliver business value and continuously develop it to maintain its relevance within the organisation and with the relevant regulators.

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Execute Audit Delivery

The ability to plan, execute, report on an audit or advisory review assignment following the Group Internal Audit methodology in order to meet the audit objectives and give assurance to management on the Bank’s risk and control environment .

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Maintain IA Professional Practices

Knowledge of Internal Audit International Professional Practices and apply them to improve the audit methodology, and as a quality standard for audit engagement deliverables to ensure continuous improvement of the audit function.

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Promote Good Governance, Risk and Control

The ability to assess governance and control frameworks against the appropriate risk appetite and enhance the risk management culture in line with the organisational objectives.

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Written Communication

Ability to express ideas by means of clear and effective writing, in order to support professional communication internally within the Bank and externally.

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Effective Business Communication

The ability to communicate information and ideas in a clear and concise manner appropriate for the audience in order to explain, persuade, convince and influence others to achieve the desired outcomes.

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Champion Improvement and Manage Change

The ability to initiate and manage change, continuous improvement and innovation and encourage others to do that same, while assessing risks and barriers for change and adapting audit activities.

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Apply Critical Thinking

The ability to apply problem solving techniques and appropriate research data to appraise the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and identify and provide new insights and practical business solutions that can be implemented.

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Business Acumen

Understand the banking industry and the impact that the economic and regulatory environment have on the organisation. Apply this knowledge in your assessment of risks and recommendation of appropriate control and quality frameworks.

ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others

Qualification Type Field Of Study Min. Required
Honours Degree Business Commerce Yes
Higher Certificate No

Job Function Job Family Range Minimum Required
Assurance Internal Audit More than 10 Years Yes
12+ years’ experience in managing a small to medium sized team and the delivery of an annual Audit plan for a medium to large business areas.

Technology Information Services 3-4 Years Yes
Practical working knowledge of business processes and controls as well as business applications that support them.

Finance Financial/Statutory Accounting 1-2 Years Yes
Understands accounting transaction posting rules and general acceptable financial reporting standards

Direct Reporting Lines
Job Title Range
Manager Audit 3-10

Indirect Reporting Lines
Job Function Job Family Range
Assurance Internal Audit 1-10

Internal Relationships
Business Area
Group Operational Risk
Nature of Relationship
Provide a service to them

Head Operational Risk, Consultant Operational Risk
Sphere of Influence
Impact the whole Group

Provide Audit Services

Business Area
Personal and Business Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking and Enabling Functions
Nature of Relationship
Provide a service to them

Business Unit Executives and Senior Management
Sphere of Influence
Impact the whole business line (PBB, IB or EF)

Provide Audit Services

External Relationships
Role Type Nature of Relationship Description
Group External Auditors Influence their service delivery Influence their scope of work, provide and receive services from them

Financial Accountability
Budget Type Accountability Type Size of Budget (ZAR Equivalent)
Operational Budget Contribute to its delivery R500 000

Physical Requirements
Open plan office

Working Conditions
Domestic/local travel may be required
International Travel may be required

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