Civil Engineer wanted immediately: Salary R35 000 per month


Civil Engineer wanted immediately: Salary R35 000 per month


BSc Eng (civil) / BEng (Hons) (civil).
Preferably MSc or MEng in hydrology and hydraulics.

Five to six years’ practical experience in work similar to that described below.
The candidate will be required to carry out hydrological analyses focussed mainly on, but not limited to:

Acquisition and processing of hydrological data (rainfall, runoff, evaporation).
Hydrological parameters (eg, MAP, MAE, MAR).
Catchment delineation.
Surface water runoff calculations (eg. MAR, Seasonal and dry weather flows, etc.) for site specific catchment areas.
Flood peak runoff calculations (applying industry acceptable deterministic, statistical, empirical and dynamic modelling methods).
Water balance analysis and modelling (principles of conservation of mass, including dam sizing).
Reservoir and canal routing (dynamic water level analysis).
Floodline determination.
Surface water impact assessment.
Flood risk and flood hazard assessment.
There is a strong preference for a candidate with experience in the development and assessment of water balances using GoldSim.
The candidate will be required to carry out hydraulic analyses and designs, focussed mainly on, but not limited to:

Water surface backwater profiling (applying the principles to be used in floodline modelling).
Flood attenuation (whether in reservoirs or upstream of culverts, applying the principles to determine the attenuated volumes, reduced release peak flows, etc.)
Canal flow (applying hydraulic theory and principles for free surface flow)
Spillway design (hydraulic design and optimisation with flood routing and attenuation calculations)
Energy dissipating and erosion control structures.
Dam break analysis.
Other skills:
The following additional technical and personal skills are considered important:

Good understanding of surface water management.
Working knowledge of legislation, regulations and guidelines pertaining to water management in the mining and industrial context.
Excellent written and spoken English, including technical report writing skills.
Good interpersonal skills, with ability to work, interact, communicate and contribute positively in a team environment.

General: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Projects, AutoCAD (Civil 3D)
Programming / coding experience (Visual Basic, Python)
Experience in the following additional software would be useful: GoldSim, PC-SWMM, UPFLOOD, HEC-RAS, WRSM2005, Flo-2D, QGIS/ArcGIS, ModelMaker.

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