Compliance Manager urgently wanted: APPLY NOW


Compliance Manager urgently wanted: APPLY NOW

To consult on and advise the business area regarding relevant domestic and international legislation; compliance and governance to ensure abidance to relevant codes; regulations and rules thereby minimising risk to and protecting the reputation of Nedbank.

Job Responsibilities

Prevented Compliance Breaches

Enable management to make informed decisions and prevent compliance breeches by providing information and advice.
Prevent compliance breaches and reputational risk from occurring, which could result in financial penalties, by applying the Enterprise Governance and Compliance (EGC) framework, standards and timelines.
Address compliance risk by assessing the merits of the options proposed by the business and through ensuring cost effectiveness is managed, improving results.

Mitigated Compliance Risk

Creating awareness around compliance implication of daily duties.
Ensure compliance standards are met and risks are mitigated by implementing the EGC framework.
Identify, define and agree on the regulatory universe applicable for each relevant business unit, mitigating risks by utilising compliance methodology.
Conduct compliance risk and control assessments (CRA’s) by identifying existing controls in business.
Test whether the business control is effective and adequate and ensure that business policies contain the right content addressing legislative requirements by monitoring and reviewing actual activities.
Engage with stakeholders on findings of compliance risk and control assessments by agreeing on actions and monitoring implementation of agreed actions and mitigating risks.
Ensure that compliance risk is adequately addressed by compiling relevant reports, providing assurance and/or highlight risk.
Mitigate risk and applicability to business by analysing relevant legislation and engaging with business.
Advise business of changes and identify potential impact of these changes on the business by monitoring changes in relevant legislation when gazetted.

Managed Stakeholder engagement

Ensure that stakeholder relationships are effectively managed by meeting with clients regularly and engaging with stakeholders on a formal and informal basis.
Promote and facilitate cross cluster engagement, manage and improve business efficiencies by participating as member of group sustainability committee.
Ensure awareness of business compliance status by engaging with relevant stakeholders regarding any findings and participating in management and risk committee meetings.

Managed own Career

Improve personal capability and stay abreast of developments in field of expertise by identifying training courses and career progression for self through input and feedback from management.
Ensure personal growth and application of new competence to enable effectiveness in performance of roles and responsibilities by ensuring that all personal development plan activities are completed within specified timeframes.
Ensure up skilling and effective handover to relevant responsible person, for actioning by sharing knowledge of trends and identified fraud risks with team and stakeholders during formal and informal interactions.
Obtain buy-in for developing new and/or enhanced processes that will improve the functioning of stakeholders’ businesses by highlighting benefits in support thereof.
Manage performance through training, development and addressing poor performance via Human Resources channels.
Educate self regarding business, through engagement, meetings, procedures and policy awareness.
Essential Qualifications – NQF Level

Advanced Diplomas/National 1st Degrees
Preferred Qualification

Bachelors degree in Law or commerce
Minimum Experience Level

4-8 years in a compliance/risk/governance role
Technical / Professional Knowledge

Banking procedures
Business Acumen
Industry trends
Principles of project management
Relevant software and systems knowledge
Business writing skills
Banking knowledge
Behavioural Competencies

Building partnerships
Managing Work
Quality Orientation
Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills
Preference will be given to individuals from underrepresented groups.

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