Farm Caretaker Needed ASAP: Salary R10 000 – R16 000 Per Month


Farm Caretaker Needed ASAP: Salary R10 000 – R16 000 Per Month
Vacancy Details
Employer: Hybrid Admin and Consulting (PTY) Ltd
Hybrid Admin and Consulting is looking for a matured, riliable and trustworthy couple to plan and carry out the day to day operational aspects of the stock and pastoral management, with the key objective being to maximise the productivity and profitability of the property, without compromising plant condition, stock welfare or human resources.


1. A mature couple – max 3 kids can stay on the farm (Property). They won’t be paying for

electricity or rent, although, they need to provide food for themselves (can use vegetables from the farm).

2. The male will be the farm caretaker – there is farmers on farm that will be doing their

duties, the caretaker will make sure everything is in order (work & animals).

3. The female’s duties will be – Gardening, managing the seeds (will be trained), the

vegetables, necessary admin duties and seed sales.

4. 1 year fixed term contact – based on your performance your contract will be extended

Please kindly see responsibilities and duties below:

Perimeter fence

Farm Caretaker

1. Fence needs to be checked on a weekly basis for any damage or trees that are touching

the fence.

2. The voltage needs to be checked regularly and protocoled.

3. The tracks of the gates needs to be checked and cleaned on a daily basis.

4. All gate motors needs to be checked for any irregularities – once a month.

5. The solar panels needs to be checked for any irregularities – once a month, cleaned –

once a week.

• 1 × week all members/for all.

• 3 × week 2 members/no cutting trees.

• 2 × week security check & audit protocol of fences including wall check.

Wendy House

1. Wax oil must be put on after six months.

2. The plumbing must be cleaned – once a month.

3. Needs to be kept clean at all times.

4. Garbage needs be cleaned- twice a week.

5. Water system check – twice a month.

Main house/Managers house

1. The door and window frames needs to be treated before and after every rainy season.

2. The thatched roof needs to be checked for any damages, leaks etc and needs to be fixed

as soon as possible.

3. Plumbing needs to be fixed when damaged – check twice a month.4. Alarms, electric fence, beams and cameras needs to be checked and make sure

everything is in order – twice a month.

5. All lights needs to be working in order – maintained once a week.

6. Gardens to be kept clean and in order – twice a week.

7. Water pipes to be fixed when damaged – once a week check.

8. Grass needs to be kept short – once a week.

9. Trees needs to be pruned – once a week.


1. All dogs, cows and pony’s needs to be checked for ticks and flees and treated –


2. See that all animals have enough food and water – Everyday.

3. If any animals is sick then must be taken to a doctor or a vet must come out to treat the

animal – Everyday.

4. Cows must be put into the den every night.


1. The storeroom key needs to be kept with one person, to prevent many people having

access to the equipment. This will make only one person is responsible for the

equipment when not booked out.

2. Equipment needs to be booked and signed for by the person who is taking it from the

storeroom . That person is responsible for the equipment that is misused or breaks –

daily weekly report.

3. One person needs to be in charge of the storeroom and always have to be available.

4. Fuel tanks needs to kept full for an emergency – Reports.

5. Fire Fighters needs to be 100% in case a fire breaks out – Reports.

6. Fire extinguishers needs to be present in every building – Reports.

7. All equipment needs to be booked back into the storeroom when finished with the days

work – Reports.

8. The person who is in charge of the storeroom needs to make sure that there is right tools

for the workers.

9. Farm equipment needs to be used by farm workers only and not contractors.

10. No contractor is allowed in the storeroom.

11. Storeroom always has to be locked if the responsible person is not available.


Dam needs to be cleared of any alien plants or trees – once a week.

Dams always needs to be kept clean.

The water needs to be tested every week – Reports.

The dam walls needs to be kept clean of any trees or plants.

No fishing will be allowed in dams, only if permission was given by the owner. Only

catch and release.

6. The dam bridge needs to be kept in good order.Water

1. All water pumps needs to be kept in working order.

2. All pipes needs to be closed by rocks or ground to prevent it from getting damaged by

the sun.

3. Leakages needs to be fixed.

4. The zinc dam and tanks needs to be kept full at all times.


1. A logbook needs to be kept in the vehicle for the person who drives that vehicle that he

booked out.

2. Make sure that all vehicles are kept clean.

3. Person who drives a vehicle or any other four wheel vehicle will be held responsible

when found that he/she was reckless with the vehicle.

4. All bikes, vehicles or TLB are not to be driven by someone expect if permission has

been given by owner or manager.

5. Vehicles to be checked and make sure that it is getting serviced accordingly (when


6. Bikes to be started twice a week for 10 minutes, once a month rolled out.


1. No alcohol allowed.

2. See to that all contractors are following the rules and regulations on the farm.

3. See to that no contractor is allowed in the storeroom.

4. No contractor is allowed to use any farm equipment.

Contract – Employee

1. No alcohol at all times for employees.

2. No visitors except permitted and no longer than 7 days.

3. No Aggressive behavior.

4. Fair play at all times.

Required Skills
farming : 2 to 3 years
farm management : 2 to 3 years
farmer : 4 to 5 years
Candidate Requirements

Ability to contribute to a team environment, be a team player and add value to that team when required.
Must be willing to take on responsibility, be confident at working independently and have the knowledge, experience and initiative to plan an effective, undirected day’s work.
Must be well acquainted with the seasonal feed requirements of the key classes of stock in terms of the animal health requirements and the ever changing feeding priorities.
Must be willing and eager to make the business grow successfully.
Must have good observation and deduction skills and the ability to act appropriately when situations arise.
Good communication skills (both oral and written) with the ability to express oneself clearly and offer an opinion able to be supported through discussion and debate.
Able to take constructive direction in a positive manner.
Good observational skills and a questioning nature, willing to challenge existing farm practices with supporting evidence, to observe a problem or potential opportunity, to think through the consequences and to offer suggestions.
To show a high level of stockmanship skills.
An understanding of the basic biology of stock, soils and plants ie. reproduction, growth, health, and so on.
High personal standards – discipline, loyalty, honesty and integrity. Must be tidy, both in the workplace and around home.
Show a high degree of time management skills.

Must be capable of general farm repairs and maintenance and farm development including but no exclusively fencing, water reticulation systems and general plant.
Hand piece skills are essential to the position.
To maintain a team of suitable dogs, and have the skills to work them in an effective manner.
All stock including dogs, horses or other farm animals are cared for in a humane way.
Must treat the employer’s tools, equipment and vehicles with care and respect.
Willing to work in with and incorporate advice from outside specialists.
Prepared to adapt new technology and adapt research findings to the farm situation.

To ensure that at all times work is carried out in a manner which complies with the requirements of the Health & Safety in Employment Act, its amendments and regulations and the Health & Safety Policies and Procedures of the property.


Minimum education: High School Diploma
Strong team leader with proven ability to motivate others
General knowledge of and skills required for building maintenance
Exceptional written and verbal communication abilities
Organized, self-motivated and strong attention to detail
Diplomatic problem solving skills
Good natured team player, comfortable working with diverse groups of people
Computer Skills
Ability to perform physical labor in all weather conditions including planting trees, wading through moving water and lifting up to 50 lbs.
Safe driving record
This position reports to: Managing Director
Apply before Monday, March 25, 2019 – 8 Days left
Companies may expire jobs at their own discretion.
If you have not received a response within two weeks, your application was most likely unsuccessful


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