Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner Wanted


The Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner (OHNP) will be responsible for ensuring the health and welfare at work, of all persons who perform work on the employer’s premises, in that workers are not affected by substances, processes or disease precursors encountered in the workplace and may remain active and productive members of the workforce.

Responsibilities and Duties

Co-ordinate measures to enable placement of able workers in jobs to which they are suited
Supply health requirements/ specifications for each category of worker so as to enable the selection of the most suitable person for a position
Establish outstanding/previous IOD issues of new employees
Educate workers on the prevention of acquiring and transmission of communicable diseases
Obtain baseline data on health status in order to evaluate subsequent changes in health
Educate employee about inherent job requirements and how to protect his/her health in each particular job category
Refer problems to appropriate agency when required
Conduct or co-ordinate screening: e.g. vision, audiometry, TB questionnaire, food handlers questionnaire, lung function test (peak flow), back questionnaire, radiation medicals
Generate an Occupational Risk Exposure Profile for each employee or group of employees doing the same job. Ensure that the profile is updated as necessary, at least annually
Episodic monitoring

Health Nurse
Conduct TB questionnaire for staff working with vulnerable patient groups and for staff regularly exposed to possible TB cases for example accident and emergency department staff, ICU and Medical ward staff
Follow-up of staff post exposure to TB or any other communicable disease
Manage Food handlers questionnaire on employment and annually
Interview staff on return from prolonged absence due to illness or injury and assess fitness to work or refer for such assessment
Conduct Exit questionnaire and/ or examination
To determine whether any occupational disease which is compensable has arisen out of the employee’s employment at the facility and in order to have a record of the employee’s health at the time of termination should any future claim arise
To record any outstanding Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease ( COID) issues;
To supply employee with vaccination certificates, lifetime radiation dose, etc
Conduct Back questionnaire for nursing, porters and paramedics
Conduct annual audiometry (maintenance crew) and vision testing for drivers, including employees
Conduct vision screening for staff working with computers and seamstresses
Co-ordinate post radiation exposure medicals and monthly examinations of dosimeter records
Manage Dosimeter with SABS
Co-ordinate post chemical exposure examinations for pharmacy and cleaners
Co-ordinate Sterile services department employees’ annual examinations (Peak flow and haemoglobin assessment ) and refer for follow-up if indicated
Facilitate Latex allergy training, investigations of occupational disease, referral and follow-up when indicated
Conduct Occupational health screening annually – Blood pressure, glucose, vision and ergonomics
Assess Hazardous biological agent assessment in co-operation with Infection Prevention Practitioner biennially
Conduct clinical risk waste management, chemical waste, batteries, oil and radiological waste audits and training
Comply with Group Occupational Health policies
Risk management
Conduct surveillance for IPC and load all information regarding infections on the Bluebird electronic surveillance system
Implement an IPC programme tailored to the hospital’s needs
Investigate all negative Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) incidents / adverse events and ensure appropriate recording and intervention
Liaise with Public Liability with regard to all IPC incidents of potential infection risk to the business
Identify areas of IPC non-compliance through clinical audits and CSA
Remedial action as regards IPC to be implemented and assessed for effectiveness
Liaise with IPC Committee and co-ordinate IPC meetings timeously with all stakeholders
Liaise with antimicrobial stewardship committee
On-call for IPC issues on a rotational basis on weekends and after hours
Ensure compliance with legislation
Co-ordinate the election and appointment of IPC committee which should include doctors, pathologists, pharmacists and representatives of all the departments in the hospital
Co-ordinate the election and appointment of IPC Link Nurses in all Units/Departments and keep letters of appointment on file for security and audit purposes
Is an executive member of the IPC committee
Organise regularly scheduled IPC meetings, and disseminate minutes to all stakeholders
Case investigation, notification and follow up of all notifiable diseases; telephonic ( immediate) and paper reporting to public health authorities
Provide information and advice to the hospital management regarding IPC issues.
Advise the Health & Safety committee on IPC matters and antimicrobial patterns in the hospital
Consultation role: Consultation and advice as IPC matters arise
Expected to manage basic health and safety OHS incidents, viz needle sticks and immunization programme in absence of OHS RN
Comply with all BCA and Quality initiatives – as per current strategic plan
Managing key strategic relationships
Maintain customer intimacy through building relationships with doctors, nursing staff, suppliers and building patient loyalty
Build strategic inter-departmental relationships to help achieve business goals at departmental level within the hospital
Responsible for fostering an effective working relationship with service providers
Public liability

Qualifications and Skills

Registered as a Registered Nurse with the South African Nursing Council or equivalent NQF 7 qualification
Relevant experience in the following areas is essential: General nursing, occupational health nursing, pharmacology, medical nursing, social and behavioral sciences, toxicology, environmental hygiene, ethical and legal compliance, education, risk management, safety and management principles for an effective health service
Qualifications in General Nursing
Occupational Health Nursing B Tech/ Diploma with 2 – 3 years relevant experience post-graduation in a mining environment
Computer literacy essential


Source: simplyhired

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