Legal Manager wanted immediately: APPLY HERE


Legal Manager wanted immediately: APPLY HERE

Legal: guidance across all areas and geographies to ensure: every transaction is appropriately negotiated, documented and implemented, losses arising from litigation are minimised, and legal issues carrying negative reputational consequences are avoided.

Job Purpose
To support the Head of Legal Group Procurement in operationalizing and aligning the contract services strategy for the broader Group in addition to working with external and internal customers to identify and execute strategic sourcing solutions, through the contracting process.

To proactively support the Head of Legal Group Procurement and the Group Head Procurement (together with the Management team and staff of approximately 70 resources) in drafting and vetting of contracts of a moderately complex nature for all Third Party spend for the Group, more specifically Standard Bank South Africa (SBSA), Africa Regions (AR), Diners and Standard Advisory London Limited (SALL). Provide opinions on legislation, strategic commercial arrangements and existing contractual set ups. In addition, ensure that Business is placed in the best position and receives what they require: within quality, within budget, on time and in line with Bank policies such as Preferential Procurement.

To effectively manage and mitigate the legal risks faced by the Bank by providing value-added legal advisory services to the Bank and to implement adequate controls cascading down from the Head of Legal Group Procurement.

Ensure that the Bank’s needs to provide adequate controls over the legal and regulatory risks encountered in the procurement process are satisfied by:-
Managing procurement work within delegated authority mandate.
Provide guidance to stakeholders on issues relating to preferential procurement and the procurement policy together with amendments to contracts / templates that are required in the light of case law and/or new/amended legislation.
To coordinate the legal documentation process
Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
Draft and vet of contracts of a moderate complexity for all Third party spend
Ensure the following actions are undertaken by the legal team and the resource in question:

Draft of all legal documentation of a moderately complex to complex nature.
Accurate and comprehensive drafting of non- standard clauses and, where required, non standard agreements relating to complex matters.
Provision of sound legal advice as requested from time to time for both strategic and non strategic matters.
Scrutinize signed Legal Documentation and condition precedents (including for audit purposes).
Conduct negotiations in a professional manner whilst working with senior and executive members of SBSA as well as Supplier management teams.
Review and coordinate legal documentation process where other legal teams (CIB Legal, Legal teams of other Jurisdictions, External lawyers, Group Legal etc) are involved
Contribute to Cross Functional Sourcing teams and negotiate and draft moderately complex to complex managed service deals

Align performance metrics/measurements to organisational/project objectives so as to ensure the achievement of deliverables.
Provide detailed review of comments received on legal agreements from Suppliers responding to Strategic Requests for Proposals where feedback is used on the weighting scale to determine whether the Supplier is successful in its bid / not.
Collaborate with the senior sourcing teams in order to drive the ratification of the procurement policies at all levels including country boards and embed the policies in the legal entity. Implement the relevant Risk and Compliance frameworks in line with policies and practices.
Implement the Delegation of Authority Framework in the required procurement processes.
Implement effective processes / controls for the investigation of identified instances of non – compliance based on audits conducted.
Negotiate and draft moderately complex to complex managed services deals
Manage internal team demands and priorities against those of external customers of the department, sets priorities and clearly communicates deliverables and agreed timelines

Provide Legal Opinions which guide the business units decision around whether to continue contracting with the relevant supplier. Update template library and provide comprehensive training regarding legislation

Develop comprehensive memorandums on various topics relevant to legal and procurement including all commodities covered by procurement .
Establish new templates as a result of business needs, changing legislation or at the request of Head Legal Group Procurement. Such templates relate to entirely new agreements not currently in use by SBSA and required in order to achieve the strategic needs of procurement.
Appraise the template library to ensure all templates are up to date and relevant in order to comply with bank policies and legislation
Develop, on a continual basis, training material to upskill the sourcing teams on contract templates, relevant legislation and pass on knowledge from the learnings received from past experience
Provide the training to the sourcing teams (and business in need) and be available for questions on such training at any time.
Ensure an efficient and effective Turnaround time
Adhere with agreed turnaround times required by Sourcing.
Monitor and report to business and sourcing on the status updates of matters
Active participation on meetings with stakeholders to resolve issues identified in tracker / respond to concerns raised by business.
Prioritize urgent matters whilst ensuring turnaround times are not impacted and giving focus to the moderately complex to complex matters.
Use the Coupa Contract Authoring tool to ensure the efficient drafting of agreements whilst ensuring
proper version control
Ensure an efficient and effective Relationship management
Ensure proper co-ordination by legal team with sourcing, legal and business concerns in a solution-orientated manner to close deals. Work closely with sourcing specialists, business units and Supplier management teams in order to effectively conclude transactions in a timeous manner.
Proactively develop relationships with key external stakeholders including key suppliers to ensure Standard Bank receives appropriate co-operation when required. Special attention is given to senior / executive sourcing specialists and members of SBSA based on the level of engagement and risk this resource handles.
Constantly seek to provide an exceptional level of service to all internal clients of legal.
Handle potential conflict situations firmly but tactfully.
Articulate accountabilities, duties, standards and priorities to stakeholders in a clear manner.
Build and develop relationships across the firm with various stakeholders with the intention of breaking down silos to maximise business growth.
Ensure efficient and effective Legal Risk Management regarding matters of a moderately complex to complex nature

Provision of accurate, expert and specialist legal advice to all divisions and business units of SBSA.
Ensure legal and reputational risk are minimised to avoid the risk of loss to SBSA.
Draft/review all agreements to be entered into by SBSA and third parties.
Proactively identify legal problems and propose appropriate solutions. Be the central point in SBSA for all litigation matters involving third party supplies and SBSA.
Liaising with Group Legal and external lawyers, as applicable, with regard to litigation matters/where external legal opinions have been requested
Assist the Head, Legal Procurement with general matters regarding training, research and contract amendments

Assist the Head Legal Group Procurement in the training of new staff in the legal team as well as upskilling of junior sourcing specialists.
Adhere to delegated authority assigned from time to time.
Adhere to SBSA’s established risk management processes and procedures.
Maintain awareness of Group Legal requirements as contained in Group Reference Guides and communication in circulars from time to time
Conduct legal research on complex issues relevant to legal risk management as identified from time to time.
As appropriate, identify any new developments or current requirements in
laws which necessitate an improvement to SBSA’s standard legal documentation.
Resolve procurement, legal and business concerns in a solution-orientated manner, which reflect an acceptable balance between SBSA’s commercial and legal interests;
Ensure proper record keeping and version control (whether electronically or in hard copy);
Ensure a Legal Documentation template library is kept and maintaine
Preferred Qualification and Experience
Formal Minimum Qualification: First Degree in Legal

Preferred Qualification: Diploma in Procurement

Other qualifications, certifications or professional memberships: Admitted Attorney


1-2 Years Experience in Legal practise
7-10 Years experience as a Legal advisor in Corporate environment
More than 10 Years experience in Procurement Legal: Legal Drafting experience
3-4 Years experience in forming Cross functional Sourcing teams
Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
Corporate Legal Services Management

Applies knowledge and understanding the role and functions of corporate legal services within the context of the local legislative and industry regulatory framework

Legal Drafting

The capacity to communicate ideas and facts of a legal nature in writing using appropriate grammar, syntax, sentence and document structure in the legal profession.
Legal Knowledge

Knowledge of applicable legislation and the legal policies and procedures pertaining to the local, regional and relevant international laws.
Legal Advisory and Interpretation

The ability to advise on the development of policies and strategies on legislative matters through legislative analysis and interpretation
Dispute Resolution

Demonstrates skills and abilities needed to effectively develop and present the Organisation’s interests in matters of dispute

Contract Management

The ability to manage contractual obligations in order to deliver the objectives required in the contract.

Effective Business Communication

The ability to communicate information and ideas in a clear and concise manner appropriate for the audience in order to explain, persuade, convince and influence others to achieve the desired outcomes. Copy from Technical Competency Library

Data Management

The ability to effectively and efficiently manage business related data in an accurate manner, through the application of various technologies

Deal Negotiation

The ability to lead and direct the negotiation strategy, select the deal team and drive the negotiation of terms and conditions of purchases the Bank needs to make for goods or services.

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