Industrial Water Treatment Operations Manager wanted: Salary R80 000 per month


Industrial Water Treatment Operations Manager wanted: Salary R80 000 per month

Salary R80 000 – R100 000 Monthly.

1. Key Performance Areas
The role shall be management focused, and shall encompass the following key performance areas:

General Management
Establishment and refinement of OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE business architecture, including development of remote monitoring capabilities.
Establishment and execution of systems and procedures
Ongoing Process Optimization
Safety Culture
Promote and align company ethos and values
Client Relationship Management
Assisting Company’s effort to achieve ISO9001 certification by aligning quality management on all operating plants with the requirements for this certification
General Management

The general management role of the candidate shall include amongst other things:

Sign-off on shift co-ordination for process controllers as proposed by each site’s Operations Supervisor and alignment of site personnel with company HR.
Establishment of stock control and ordering processes (and alignment of these with the existing Company systems).
Monthly reporting to both customer and exco
Development and management of site budgets and alignment of these with existing Company systems.
Monthly payment certificates and invoicing
Contract management of OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE contracts
Implement proper maintenance and inspection procedures, stock holding etc
Creation and implementation of “Operations and Maintenance Plans” for each operation
Ensure suitable (optimised) staffing levels for each site
Direct liaison with Company’s in-house, maintenance support entity and process engineering support teams

The operations are presently being run as discrete operations spanning multiple provinces. It is the view of the company that in order to grow the business effectively, the general management and support functions need to be consolidated and brought together under the same umbrella. The successful candidate shall thus be required to address the following:

Investigate options and determine a suitable architecture for the OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE business unit where key special skills and background support functions are centralised (including but not limited to technical support, stock control, spares and stock management, financial management and general management, plant control for smaller operations).
Drafting and implementation of suitable processes, procedures and templates to implement and measure the above. Visit Company operational sites as frequently as deemed necessary to effectively implement the processes, procedures and templates referred to above
Establishment of service level agreements with local service providers to enable geographical expansion of operations outside of Gauteng
Development of a global OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE budget with a focus on cost and performance efficiency improvements. Must allow for expansion and support of future business opportunities.
Ongoing Improvement and Optimization

Typically, these OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE contracts are punitive in the event of poor performance and incentivised for good performance. Multiple factors affect revenues or losses, the successful candidate shall be required to assess, address and optimise the processes such that these benefits may be realised and the risks of losses mitigated:

Plant availability
Chemical consumption
Product production rate
Final effluent charges
Executing the above in a dynamic environment where clients may change their own processes with an associated impact on the operation of Company’s plant and process
In accordance with this, the candidate shall develop and maintain dashboards to track and indicate these on an ongoing basis.


The candidate shall be responsible for driving the implementation of acceptable quality management procedures across all operations. These shall include the implementation of Quality Control procedures for work, maintenance and associated activities. As well as ongoing Quality Assurance through the implementation of auditable procedures governing the activities OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE business unit. Company has taken the decision to work towards ISO9001 certification. The OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE outputs on every operating site will support this undertaking and also support the main ISO9001 concept of ‘continuous improvement’.

Key Competencies and Requirements

A minimum of 10 years of experience in an established OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE management position, preference will be given to candidates with experience in the water, minerals processing, chemical and petrochemical industries.
Bachelor of Engineering or Science degree in chemical, mechanical or chemical engineering, or chemistry.
Recognised general management qualification an advantage.
Must demonstrate experience and a good working knowledge of typical OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE contracts and contract management (proof of qualifications would be an advantage).
Must display an acumen for entrepreneurial and strategic thinking at a business development level.
Proven track record in the development and implementation of systems, policies and procedures.
Must be willing to travel, with a view of expanding the business throughout South Africa and potentially across our borders.
Must demonstrate strong leadership qualities in a multi-disciplinary environment.
Will be required to take values and aptitude assessments as part of the Company interview process which will be cross referenced with these criteria.
Must be visionary, strategic and systems focused. Broad based experience will be viewed as advantageous.
Valid driver’s licence and own transport is a pre requisite.
The candidate must demonstrate a well-rounded knowledge of the principles of Business Management and must be conversant and demonstrate a good understanding of the nature of an OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE focused business.

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