Revenue Enhancement Specialist wanted: Apply Here


Revenue Enhancement Specialist wanted: Apply Here

Job Description The purpose of this position is to provide technical expertise, business sense, and a strong desire to improve erf-based revenue processes and management through undertaking and facilitating revenue enhancement initiatives within the projects/programmes executed by the company

Key Responsibilities

Assess the budgets and accounting records (income and cost) of municipal trading services to determine profitability of service provision, identify inadequacies and propose solutions to deal with billing system & debtor management deficiencies, tariff setting for full cost-recovery, outstanding creditor payments, credit control measures and the provision of free basic services to indigent households.
Build linkages with development planning, town planning and engineering professionals across stakeholders and Bank units/programmes to deal with issues of township establishment, land-use management, bulk charges for infrastructure development, technical distribution losses and other relevant issues that hamper infrastructure deployment in new and upgraded developments to ensure that all users of municipal services are accurately incorporated in the municipal data management system for revenue collection.

Key Measurements of Outputs

Delivery on agreed Operations Mandate. These include:-
Growth rate in assets of the loan book
Annual disbursements, commitments and approvals.
Quality of loan book.
% of loan book in priority geographies

Expertise & Technical Competencies

BCom degree or equivalent in Financial Management and/or Accounting
Minimum of 10 years proven working experience in the municipal financial management field
Driver’s License Code 08
Extensive knowledge of the PFMA, MFMA and any other relevant policy and legislative guidelines
Flexibility to be redeployed to a similar role within another sector/geography within the Division, based on business requirements

Desirable Requirements:

Experience in Financial institution and or DFIs
Associated membership of an appropriate public professional body such as the Chartered Institute of Government Finance, Auditing and Risk Officers (CIGFARO)

Project Management

Defines, plans and manages large and/or strategic projects, including those with a high degree of technical complexity, with impacts across the organisation and/or with national implications.
Assembles and leads diverse and multi-disciplinary teams, ensuring maximum effective resource utilisation.

Solution Focus

Identifies broad, highly complex problems based on a multitude of factors, many of which are complex and sweeping in nature, difficult to define and often contradictory.
Creates procedures to articulate the nature of problems and to identify and weigh alternate solutions.

Financial Analysis

Serves as subject matter expert.
Evaluates and determines fiscal, operational, and service impacts; analyses and evaluates

Risk Management

Drives integration and standardisation of risk management processes across the organisation
Advises on the application of the organisation’s risk management policies, industry best practices and constructs organisation guidelines

Attention to detail

Quickly identifies relevant and irrelevant information to support accurate decision making


Has an appreciation of cultural sensitivities and differences.
Effectively employs a variety of advanced behavioural/interpersonal competencies to control the negotiation situation.

Commercial Awareness

Deep understanding of commercial drivers and is able to take decisions based on an assessment of alternatives concerning complex business situations.


Demonstrates expert skill levels in strategic and operational research techniques, including process analysis, modeling and forecasting.
Communication and Reporting

Able to communicate complex problems or concepts, by making them simple and understandable for others.


Develops innovative business solutions that shape industry practices

Required Personal Attributes

Achievement Orientation
Undertakes challenging assignments and strives to complete them.

Customer Service Orientation

Tries to understand the underlying needs of customers and matches these needs to available or customized products and services


Is willing to end a business relationship because it was associated with unethical business practice.

Leading and Empowering Others

Creates the conditions that enable the team to perform at its best (e.g., setting clear direction, providing appropriate structure, getting the right people, obtain needed resources).

Self-awareness and Self-Control

Withholds effects of strong emotions in difficult situations.

Strategic and Innovative Thinking

Recognises opportunities or potential problems, before they become obvious, by seeing the connections in a range of sources of information, including insights from outside company.

Teamwork & Cooperation

Acts to promote a friendly climate and good morale, and resolves conflicts.
Creates opportunities for cross-functional working.

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