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Sales Office Manager urgently needed: APPLY HERE

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Sales Office Manager urgently needed: APPLY HERE

Pretoria, Gauteng

As an Office Manager, you can expect to be part of a family-oriented company dedicated to delivering a safe, dependable and affordable road transport service. You will also be part of an organization that strives to improve the mobility of people across Southern Africa and to be their intercity transport operator of choice.

This position is based at Pretoria Station.

We are looking for candidates who:

have experience in supervising and leading a sales team
have experience in a sales environment
have experience in customer service/complaints
have a “can-do” attitude
are reliable and honest
are willing to work shifts, on weekends, and on public holidays
can function in a changing, fast-paced and highly pressurized working environment
Closing date for applications: 31 July 2019.

Kindly note: Only individuals who make the shortlist will be contacted.

Minimum Requirements:


Grade 12 and relevant tertiary education e.g. BCom or Nat Dip Marketing / Management
Computer literate (Microsoft Office Suite)
Travel and Tourism experience or luxury coach transport experience will be an advantage
5 Years’ experience in supervising / managing a sales team
Job Specification:

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 1: To effectively manage sales and reporting on the Office

· Set daily sales targets for the office responsible for.

– Ensure that monthly targets set by Commercial Manager be broken down to daily target.

– Effective communication with sales staff.

· Provide regular progress reports of actual sales vs sales targets.

– Communicate daily sales tracker with staff

· Ensure sales volumes are optimally controlled always through effective queue management (whenever there are more than 5 customers waiting in the queue).

– Assist with que management if need be

– Using of tablets to secure bookings while passengers are waiting

– Shifting of staff to do Que management at ad hock basis

· Ensure optimal ticket sales always by ensuring adequate staff are on duty.

– Ensure shift roster is scheduled according to busy times

– Ensure office link is completed to give transparency

Report on fluctuations in demand and supply, and the underlying reasons.
– Daily Commercial call to be used as feedback

Assist with any ad-hoc assignments as per line management’s instructions.
– Visiting agents

– Assist with marketing initiatives

– Ops issues

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 2: Office Management

· Ensure the office cleaning-staff keep the sales area clean at all times.

· Ensure that all office equipment is in working order e.g. IT, air-conditioning, sales cam etc.

– Regular checks on all equipment ( bi weekly)

– Faults reported to IT vis IT task system

· Maintain adequate levels of stock items e.g. cleaning materials and stationary.

– Weekly stock takes to establish need

· Ensure tight office security is maintained at all times.

– Bi weekly panic buttons test

– Fire Extinguishers services up to date

– General office security

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 3: To manage and control office finances and provide support to the Financial Department

· Assist financial department with daily cash-ups as required according to company policy.

· Conduct System Banking (Banking fidelity guard cash collections on the system) as required.

Ensure funds are available on a day to day basis for emergency payouts.
Ensure expenses paid for are captured on the system on a daily basis (petty cash system).
Manage the safe keeping of monies.
Ensure that after each recon of Petty Cash that a print-out of expenses is entered on the Petty Cash system as well as receipts are attached.
KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 4: Human Resource Management

· Train and develop sales staff.

– Motivating staff on personal and work level

– Understand what bothers staff and communicate this to line manager

– Sharing of information received from management to staff

· Act as a coach and mentor to each individual sales staff member.

– Regular one on ones with all staff

· Maintain strict discipline of sales staff by ensuring compliance according to company policies and procedures.

· Directly observe the selling performance of all sales staff and manage their performance and productivity.

– Weekly discussions with sales staff to discuss previous weeks performance

– Consider reasons for under performance and rectify the underlying issue making use of sales link

– Praise staff that over excel in their performance

· Schedule shifts of sales staff to optimally serve the peaks and valleys of demand in ticket sales.

– Know your historic trends when to have enough staff on duty

– Ensure roster is updated 2 weeks in advance

· Maintain a positive morale among sales staff.

· Conduct performance appraisals as per company policy.

– Leave management

– Overtime management

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 5: To promote the company image and ensure effective marketing for the Office

Ensure that office marketing material remains up-to-date.
– Newest marketing material up to date always

– Ensure TV monitors display correct updated content always

– Ensure flyers displayed in office is update and in correct holders

Control stock levels of marketing materials e.g. flyers and ticket covers.
– Ensure stock is ordered at least two weeks in advance

Control and monitor the optimal distribution of marketing materials.
– Identify staff that can distribute flyers etc

– When making use of outside “runner” to ensure it happens as per scheduled

Optimize the usage of existing marketing channels e.g. Red Eye.
– Ensure red eye display correct and current content at all times

– Ensure TV monitors display correct updated content always

– Ensure that electronic media are always in working order i.e. light boxes, TV’s and Red Eye.

– Manage runners if and when used.

Identify new marketing channels and implement in order to maximize sales.
KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 6: To conduct a continuous Competitor Analysis and provide feedback to Management

Monitor sales and queues at all competitors.
Monitor pricing of competitors for all their routes and departure times, and make a meaningful comparison to Intercape’s pricing (including the timing of price changes of competitors).
Monitor the marketing initiatives of all competitors on a daily basis.
Constantly seek out opportunities to gain market share, and be fully aware of reasons for changes in market share.
Know exactly which carriers consistently carry more passengers than Intercape, and to report the reasons why.
Analyze and monitor competitors’ weaknesses e.g. break-downs, departure times, staff turnover etc.
Analyze the routes of Intercape’s competition and make recommendations to the National Operations Manager for possible route expansions.
Identify and report on best practices of competitors (what they may do better than Intercape).
KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 7: To monitor and handle complaints professionally and effectively

Manage the communication with all relevant staff regarding the complaints procedure to ensure understanding of, and adherence to, complaints logging and handling requirements.
Ensure that when a complaint is logged with the Complaints Department, regular and effective feedback is given timeously.
Collect and consider all relevant information pertaining to complaints.
Record the nature and outcome of complaints completely and accurately on the CCC System.
Ensure that all required supporting documentation is received and loaded onto the system.
Analyze trends in current and previous customer complaints, including the underlying root causes, and use this information to ensure improvement and non-recurrence.
Monitor the Complaints system on a daily basis.
KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 8: Manage excess luggage and parcels for the Office

Ensure all luggage in office is weighed per departure.
– Adequate staff on duty

– Scales in working order

– Offline books in case of power outage

Coordinate and control that all stubs are captured accurately on cash ups.
– Part of daily cash ups

Coordinate and control that all stubs are captured accurately when creating a system deposit.
– Part of daily banking

Monitor all stubs for accuracy on a daily basis to eliminate fraud.
Ensure that the Excess Book is correctly monitored and signed by the relevant user.

KEY PERFORMANCE AREA 9: Effective utilization of all systems used in Intercape

· Responsible for effective utilization, accurate capturing, and thorough record-keeping on all systems relevant to perform daily tasks within the department.

· Responsible to ensure that you have received training on Move/SOPS/the Booking System/all other applicable systems or have provided training to direct reports.


Have a proficient knowledge of the company, its divisions, associates, people products, terms and conditions, service and website.
Deliver exceptional service that exceeds customer’s expectations through proactive and appropriate solutions.
Good management skills and have the ability to motivate a sales team.
Research and provide legal opinions on a variety of issues and new business projects within the business to proactively identify, assess and manage legal risk.
Must assist in general administration duties.
Enjoy working independently as well as managing a team.
Assist fellow colleagues in the daily running of company related tasks.
Have a passion for working with people, and serving others as a coach and mentor.
Be focused on providing work of an extremely high quality, and take pride in your work.
Very good organizational skills.
Must be presentable, and well spoken.
Pay attention to detail.
Be values-driven with an unquestionable level of integrity.
Punctual and reliable.
Responsible in handling cash.
Be able to work shifts, and be willing to stand in at relatively short notice if needed.
Enjoy the challenge of working towards a monthly performance incentive.
Must be able to set an example and role model (at least, but not limited to) the following basic selling competencies:
I. Listening skills

II. Excellent telephone etiquette

III. Identifying customers’ needs

IV. Selling to customers’ needs

V. Explaining different options

VI. Solution-driven

VII. Friendly, helpful disposition

VIII. Clear, audible tone of voice and pronunciation

IX. Emotional Intelligence, especially when working under pressure

X. Ability to handle conflict effectively

XI. Negotiating and convincing skills


You may be required to perform other or general work due to operational requirements, for which you are either qualified and/or capable of doing so, or any duties that may be reasonably expected of you.

Job Type: Permanent


sales: 2 years (Required)
supervising a team: 3 years (Preferred)


High School (matric) (Required)


Pretoria, Gauteng (Required)

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