Shift Supervisor Mining wanted: APPLY HERE


Shift Supervisor Mining wanted: APPLY HERE

Purpose of the role

The Shift Supervisor Mining has the Legal accountability with a 2.15.1 appointment in terms of the Minerals Act and Regulations and is responsible to ensure compliance to Legal requirements and Management specifics, and the completion of records pertaining to his/her area of responsibility, as stipulated by the regulations.

To create and maintain a culture of zero tolerance for noncompliance with safe work practices. To take accountability for the creation of integrated production targets and the achievements of these targets. To facilitate successful production through the availability of adequate material and equipment, the existence of motivated production teams and the optimal use of available technology.

Work of Role

Without limiting the general nature of duties as set out above, the Shift Supervisor also has the following duties and responsibilities to comply with to the extent that is reasonably practicable to:

On a daily basis:

MHSA” (including all the regulations applicable to their specific work) as amended or replaced from time to time, and to enforce the provisions of the “MHSA” and regulations.
Observe and enforce any Codes of Practice, any Instructions, Procedures, Directives, Permissions, Exemptions etc. issued by the Mine, the DMR or any other person who is authorized to do so. Any further clarification regarding the interpretation of the “MHSA”, the Regulations, Codes of Practice, Instructions, Directives, Permissions, and Exemptions etc. will be supplied to you on request by your management.
Ensure the maintenance of proper discipline of all persons under your charge. Daily-on-the-job coaching and on-site training sessions should be conducted and captured in the logbook.
Provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without undue risk to the health of employees within your area of responsibility. Make use of the latest Risk Matrix provided in the logbook to assess and eliminate or reduce risks!
Ensure that you and the persons under your charge is empowered to stop any working place when the Occupational Health and/or Safety of any such persons are endangered or instructed to do so by the person appointed in terms of section 23 of the MHSA.
Consider an employee’s training and capability, knowledge and skill in respect of Health and Safety before allowing such person to continue with his work or before assigning specific or specialized tasks to that employee.
Provide adequate Health and Safety coaching and on-site training of employees and assess an employee’s competency based upon his knowledge, skills and experience.
Enforce the proper use of PPE reprimand employees not adhering to the standards of your mine and record as such in the Underground logbook.
Ensure proper guarding, barricading and erecting of barriers to safeguard employees as per mine procedures.
Record and report contraventions to the “MHSA”, Regulations, Code of Practice, Instructions, Permissions, Exemptions, etc. to the appointed Mine Overseer or Manager.
Assist in the control over the proper safe operation and running of machinery and equipment in your area of responsibility.
Do Task Observations and give appropriate coaching and on-site training, record the findings and action taken in your underground shift supervisor’s logbook. Do follow up on all instructions given to ensure instructions are carried out and signed off.
Consult with the Safety Representatives in your section and get feedback and input from them on a daily basis and log such inputs.
Inspect the workplace safe declaration book and do follow-up inspections to confirm the ABS-P safe declaration status.
Do measurements required to estimate production outputs and give feedback in your logbook.
Inspect and over-inspect checklists in use by your team members, counter sign checklists and record the findings in your logbook.

On a weekly basis:

Inspect all Haulages, T/ways, Battery bays, Timber bays and other excavations required and ensure record of such inspection is kept in the shift supervisor logbook.
Conduct a proper workplace early and late shift and record all findings in your logbook.
Examine the refuge bays in your section, sustainability, seating, first- aid equipment and communication system and record it in your logbook.
Do a Planned Task Observation and record the findings in your logbook on the provided format, ensure feedback is given to safety and training departments on your findings.
Hold a weekly safety meeting with your team and record this in your logbook forward the required feedback to the person concerned (upwards and downwards communication).
On a monthly basis
Appoint all relevant personnel in the positions they are required to be appointed in, ensure all necessary certificates are in order and that such person understand his duties and responsibilities.
Compile a list of all machinery and equipment in use; inspect this equipment and machinery to see whether it is in working condition and record your findings in your logbook.
Do a monthly physical condition audit of your section together with your team, ensure your physical rating is at least 90% at all times, action plans to be put in place and provided in your logbook for scrutiny.
Supply your team with weekly/monthly action topics to focus them on problem areas experienced.
Update the Safety File for the month.
Update all information on the waiting place notice boards.
Do a proper pre-planning session with your production team to ensure team involvement, team cohesiveness and participation.
Participate in the monthly planning section and bring any facts and issues relating to production output to the attention of Management.
Conduct the fire drill once a month with team and keep record of drill in Logbook and waiting place notice board.

Other duties:

In particular, and without in any way of limiting the nature of your duties with regard to machinery, you are required to:

Adhere and enforce any Code of Practice with regard to the control over the operation and running of machinery;
Take all reasonable measures to ensure that all persons under your charge are properly and adequately instructed on the correct and proper use of such machinery or equipment.
Ensure that all persons under your charge are familiar with, understand and comply with Regulations 20.7.3, 20.8 and 20.9.2 (as amended or replaced).

Ensure that you and the persons under your charge stop the working of any:

machine when the health and safety of any persons are endangered or is instructed to do so by the person appointed in terms of Regulations 2.13.1, 2.13.2 and;
Ensure that You and persons under your charge observe all relevant

Regulations, including the following:
4.10.2. Proper Training.
3.1.1. & 20.3.2. Unauthorized Entry.
3.9. Knowledge of Regulation.
3.13. Deputing Duties.
3.14. Rendering Safety Devices Ineffective.
(MHSA). Fire Prevention.
20.1.1. Competent Shifts man in charge of Machinery.
21.1.2. Constant Supervision of Machinery.
20.2. Dangerous Safety situations to be reported.
20.4 Loose Clothing.
20.5. Fencing/Efficient guards at machinery.
20.6 Machinery in Motion.
20.7.3. Starting of Machinery.
20.8 Safe use of Machinery.
20.9.1. Maintenance of Safety Appliances.
21.1.1 Electrical Apparatus.
o 21.4. Interference with electrical apparatus.
Supervision Points – Ensure do Panned Task Observations, on the job training, Visible Felt Leadership, problem solving/Grievances, action on substandard work, Safety, Station, Services, Sleepers, Spillage, Sludge, Storage and Stope Entrance/ Rail Switches
Maintaining good employee relations. – Effective two way open communication with team. Develop a relationship based on mutual trust and mutual respect with logistics supervisor and other service suppliers. Ensure that panel team works in a safe and healthy environment. Ensure that team members have clear work expectations and plans from day to day and week to week.

Qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills:

Grade 10
Valid Blasting Certificate.
Three years’ experience as a stoping Miner /Crew Captain
Trackless Mining Experience (Board and Pillar)
Completed Operation Shift Supervisor course
Mine Health and Safety Act knowledge:

Regulation 2.15.1 – 2.15.4. Shift Supervisor, Appointment and Duties

 Regulation 2.15.2. Shift Supervisor will be the holder of a Permanent Blasting Certificate

 Regulation 2.15.3. Size of a Shift Supervisor section

 Regulation 2.15.4. Shift Supervisor to ensure proper Observance and Compliance to the regulations

 Regulation 2.15.5. Shift Supervisor to inspect

 Regulation 2.15.6. Shift Supervisor Logbook recording

 Regulation 2.15.7. Record to be open to inspection

 Regulation 2.15.8. Not to take charge of Gang

 Regulation 2.15.9. Late Shift report by Shift Supervisor

First Aid Certificate

Physical Requirements
Certificate of fitness
Additional Information:

Anglo American Platinum shall apply the Employment Equity principles as set out in Anglo Platinum’s Employment Equity Policy.

Incomplete CV’s and /or applications will not be considered.
Application will not be considered without a valid copy of the qualification and/or the license required for this role.

If you do not hear from the Company within 21 days after the closing of the advert, please consider your application to be unsuccessful.

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Closing date: 2019/06/19

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