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Tea Lady wanted Immediately: APPLY HERE

Office Tea Lady

Tea Lady wanted Immediately: APPLY HERE
Job Description:
The Tea Person is responsible for making tea and coffee
and delivering it to all the partners & directors in the
The Tea Person will need to know how each person likes
their tea and coffee. They need to be friendly,
approachable and hygienic.
The Tea Person is also responsible for collecting all
the mugs, tea cups, breakfast & lunch crockery from all
partner & director’s desks etc, washing/rinsing and
drying them up and putting them away in an orderly &
organized fashion.
While collecting dirty dishes, any other dirty dishes
standing around to be cleared from desks/pause areas at
the same time.
Water jugs and glasses to be filled and supplied to
office bound staff on daily basis as requested. These to
be cleared/replenished as required on daily basis.
In addition all cups & glasses returned to kitchen by
staff on floors need to be washed and put away. Washing
of crockery to be done with appropriate cleaning
products, e.g. liquid soap and jik.
They will also need to keep stock of the tea, coffee,
sugar, milk etc and make sure the kitchen never runs

Office Tea Lady
The kitchen, all counters, containers and equipment to
be kept clean & hygienic at all times. Any issues with
equipment need to be reported to maintenance in a timely
Cleaning materials to be kept in good state and made
available to staff for washing up of their personal
Reporting to the Facilities Manager the tea lady will

inter Alia be responsible for:
Take orders for beverages.
Make tea and coffee.
Delivers drinks to partners & directors.
Collects all the cups/crockery and washes them.
Dries crockery and puts it away in an organized
All cupboards & shelves to be wiped down regularly.
Ensure kitchen is clean and hygienic at all times,
counters, containers, equipment and fridges.
Microwave to be wiped down and interior cleaned on
daily basis.
Fridge doors to be wiped down daily, top of fridges
to be wiped down.
Inside of fridges to be cleaned on weekly basis. Any
spillage to be cleaned on a daily basis.
Microwaves and fridge’s to be moved and areas behind
and underneath to be properly cleaned to avoid
build-up of dirt.
Kitchen floors to be mopped daily, all equipment to
be stored neatly.
Keeps stock of beverages, sugar, milk etc.
Orders new stock when necessary.


Source: Indeed