Transport Controller wanted immediately: APPLY HERE


Transport Controller wanted immediately: APPLY HERE

Vacancy Details
Employer: Unique Personnel

To ensure that all client distribution requirements in relevance to the COMPANY , are adhered to in line
with the respective client SLA Requirements, including the effective management of Proof of Delivery Documents,
To manage conformance to the legislative requirements in terms of the NRTA, RFBC, BCEA, and legislation in terms of the Conveyance of Dangerous Goods, in as far as the Distribution Requirements of COMPANY Port Elizabeth Warehousing is concerned,
To effectively and efficiently manage the COMPANY OWN Fleet as well as Hired Fleet, in terms of utilisation and maintenance
To effectively and efficiently manage transporter sub-contractor relationships, by introducing and managing SLA’s,
To accurately record and mange all distribution related expenditure and revenue,
To facilitate and introduce continuous improvement to the Distribution Network of COMPANY Port Elizabeth Warehousing, inclusive
of the concept of introducing technology to improve efficiencies and processes,
Sound Level of Computer Proficiency,
Excellent Customer Relationship Management Skills
Excellent Communication Skills,
Excellent Leadership Qualities
Excellent Organisational Skills
Sound knowledge of the NRTA,
Sound knowledge of the conveyance of dangerous goods,
Sound knowledge of Warehousing Operations and Transport Management,
MONDAY to THURSDAY from 07:30 to 16:30 with 1 HOUR Lunch Break
FRIDAY’S from 07:30 – 16H00 with 1/2 hour lunch break
Overtime may be required from time to time, in line with operational requirements.
Grade 12 Certificate, or relevant equivalent tertiary qualification,
Minimum two years industry related experience,
Diploma in Logistics



Employee is expected to fulfil his/her functions in line with the COMPANY Values, and not in any manner
which could be interpreted as a breach of the COMPANY Values, and COMPANY Value System,
Employee is expected to promote the COMPANY Values, through his/her own behaviour as well as reporting
any observations of the breach of the COMPANY Values System to the GM, and Local HR Officer,
Employee is expected to exhibit professional behaviour in all facets of his/her behaviour in the
workplace and or his/her employment with COMPANY,
Employee have a responsibility to report any and all acts of non professional behaviour to the GM
and Local HR Officer,
Employee is required to exhibit a positive attitude to the business and facility, colleagues, and
toward all stakeholders to the business,


Employee is expected to meet his/her contractual obligation in terms of working hours,
Employee is expected to be punctual in terms of working hours,
Start of Shift – Indicates that Employee is either at the BAT Meeting or his her work station at the
scheduled start of shift,
End of Shift – Indicates that an Employee only leaves his/her work station at the end of shift time,
Employees must communicate all incidents of late arrival to their superior,
Employee must have approval of direct superior to leave work early,
Employee must familiarise him/her self with the COMPANY Leave Policy, seek clarity where so required, and
abide by the policy rules and requirements to no point of deviation, whatsoever,
Employees must ensure that they capture any period of absenteeism on WSS on the day on which
they return to work, following the return to work, of any period of absenteeism,


Employee is expected to maintain professional relations with all external and internal stake holders
to COMPANY, which might be of relevance to them, in their position, during all periods of interaction with
such stake holders,
Employee must ensure that they do not partake in any action which could be deemed negative and or unprofessional as a reflection on the business, which could affect our good standing
and or reputation with such stake holders,
Employee must adhere to all lawful and reasonable superior instructions. In the event that an
employee believe that any instruction given is not lawful and reasonable, they have a responsibility.
to report as much to the Local HR Practitioner,
Adherence to Lawful and Reasonable Instructions are exceptionally important as it affects the trust
relationship between employee and employer, and non conformance can be viewed as gross


Employee have a responsibility to subscribe to a standard of Housekeeping which is aligned to the
5 S Methodology, and to guide his/her staff to maintain same standards through the operation,
Employee must ensure that his/her workstation is neat, clean and tidy at all times,
Employee have a responsibility to ensure that all poor housekeeping standards are reported to the
Operations Manager,
Employee must ensure that the 5S Methodology, is driven and maintained throughout his/her areas of
responsibility, and that suitable 5S Champions are Appointed within such areas,
Employee will be responsible for all 5S Standards not maintained within his/her area of responsibility,
Employee must oversee the data capturing responsibilities within his/her area of responsibility, with a view
to ensure that all data capturing errors are addressed as and when it occurs, with a view to drive
continuous improvement towards the accuracy,
Employee must ensure that Data Capturing Accuracy are reviewed for 100% accuracy, prior to submission
to clients and management, in as far as business reports are concerned,


Employee must ensure that all documented records under his/her functions is filed with for ease
of retention.
Records of all source documents for all inbound stock, outbound stock, & expired stock, and adjustments
must be retained, and stored so as to provide as much within 24 hours of request thereof,
Ensure that all client e-mails are responded to within 24 Hours, of receipt,
Ensure that all client queries are resolved within 72 hours, with feedback given to client, by way of e-mail,
Ensure that you maintain and manage an Outlook Folder, for each client, in which all e-mailed
Communique for that relevant client is stored for all closed items,
Ensure that all client complaints are escalated to the Operations Manager and General Manager
upon receipt,
Ensure that ALL Client Complaints received are logged on Smart sure within 24 Hours of Receipt,
Address Root Cause Analysis and Implement Corrective Action so as to resolve the complaint,
Ensure that client is effectively communicated with by way of e-mail, in relevance to acknowledgement
of Complaint within 24 hours of receipt, and closure thereof, within 72 Hours of Receipt,
Ensure that the Smart sure Incident Reports, at point of closure is submitted to OPS Manager and General
Manager, and Client, once the complaint has been resolved.
Submit a weekly report to OPS Manager, and General Manager, detailing all complaints received for
preceding week, by client, by 13H00 every Monday,
Client complaints are construed as a matter raised by the client, in terms of a SLA Failure, Service
Failure, or any issue raised in terms of dissatisfaction to service delivery, and or COMPANY Relations.
8.11 – Employee must attend SLA Meetings where so required so as to demonstrate compliance to SLA


9.1 – Employee must maintain an accurate database with all COMPANY Approved Sub-Contracting Transporters’ Detail
detailing information such as primary contact name, secondary contact name, telephone numbers, physical address
as well as e-mail addresses,
9.2 – Employee must ensure that copies of contracts, and Insurance Certificates are maintained on file,
9.3 – Employee must ensure that contracts and insurance certificates are valid, at all times,
9.4 – Employee must maintain good, professional relations with Sub-Contractors, and manage service requirements
in line with COMPANY and COMPANY Client Requirements,
9.5 – Employee must ensure that only compliant contractors are utilised in relevance to the goods transported.
9.6 – Employee must maintain records of expenditure by Sub-Contractor, on a daily basis, for Audit Purposes, detailing,
each order issued, with the COMPANY Order Number, Transporter Waybill Number, Value of the PO, Client Name, Delivery
Note Number, Destination, and Gross Weight, and must maintain these records to 100% accuracy standard, DAILY
and submit as much to the Senior Admin Controller, and OPS Manager on a Daily basis, by way of e-mail,
Employee must facilitate and record quarterly SLA Meetings with Sub-Contractors, and implement
a balanced scorecard, and manage service delivery in line with such scorecard measurements, monthly.
Employee must always obtain 3 quotes, or alternatively a minimum of two for all transport sub-contracted out, and
such quotes must be obtained in writing.
Employee must ensure that all Transporter Sub-Contractor Contracts are reviewed annually in conjunction with the
Senior Finance Admin Controller,
Facilitate loading of new transport sub-contractors, by obtaining all relevant legal documentation, under the
guidance of the Senior Admin Controller, so as to load new transporters.
Actively participate with the Auditing of Sub-Contractors, to confirm conformance to legal and statutory


Employee must attach the approved quote to the order requisition,
The Quote which was accepted, which must be the least expensive quote, unless there are compliance restrictions,
must be what the order requisition is based on,
If the accepted quote does not represent the least expensive quote, the accepted quote must be signed off by the
OPS Manager, before the Order Requisition is submitted to the Senior Finance Admin Controller, with reasons,
The Order Requisition must be completed in full, and must also have the client detail recorded on it, such as
Client Name, Delivery Note Reference Number, and weight per reference number in kilograms recorded on it,
so as to ensure recoveries are made from relevant clientele, through a cross referencing exercise,
Order Requisition must then be submitted to the Receptionist, who will facilitate sign off from the
Senior Admin Controller,
The Senior Admin Controller will process and issue a Purchase Order to the Sub-Contractor as approval, by way of
e-mail, with Transport Controller in Copy,
It is the Transport Controllers responsibility to ensure that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTNACES, is a load released to a
sub-contractor, without an Official COMPANY Purchase Order Number having been issued to the sub-contractor,


Employee must maintain an accurate daily database of all outstanding POD’s in relation to sub-contractors,
Employee must actively address any issues in relation to outstanding POD’s with contractors, and measure
performance in relation thereto, with such sub-contractors,
Regional POD’s may not exceed a period of 96 Hours as outstanding, and Local POD’s may not exceed a period
of 24 hours as outstanding,
Employee must assess all POD’s returned, for endorsements in terms of either of (a) damages, or (b) shortages,
Employee must log claims for any endorsed POD’s and notify the OPS Manager and Senior Admin Controller of
such incidents, and claims must be logged with COMPANY Claims Department
Employee must ensure Transporters responsible for endorsed POD’s are placed on notice via the COMPANY Claims
Department for recovery of such claims,
Employee must ensure that POD’s are scanned into E-Docs for Filing Purposes, and that the Hard Copy Returned to
the relevant CLC and or OPS Supervisor, and that the handover process is documented, with POD’s signed for in
terms of receipt of such POD’s through the Handover Process,



Employee must ensure that the License Expiry Dates of all COMPANY Owned Fleet Vehicles are managed in that it is
recorded in a database, whereby reminders are set in his Outlook Calendar with 30 Days Notice Prior to Expiry,
Employee must ensure that all COMPANY Licenses are renewed prior to expiry dates, and where relevant that vehicles
are subjected to the relevant Roadworthy Tests, obtaining the relevant Roadworthy Certificates,
Employee must maintain a fully detailed electronic maintenance record, per vehicle, which must be 100%
accurate at all times, in terms of all maintenance records in relevance to each vehicle,
Employee must ensure that routine services per vehicle is maintained in the form of a preventative maintenance
plan, and records of such services maintained,
Employee must ensure that vehicles are always maintained at high levels of cleanliness so as to preserve the COMPANY
Image, and that required repairs of vehicles are attended to within one week of it being identified and or
reported, so as to ensure proper maintenance of vehicles and limit any downtime of fleet availability,
Employee will be appointed as Proxy for the COMPANY Owned Fleet and ensure that he completes his responsibilities in
terms of appointed proxy with full compliance thereto,
Ensure that drivers complete their daily vehicle checklists in full,
Ensure that the daily vehicle checklists are reviewed, and that any reported issues are attended to within a period
not exceeding 3 working days,
Ensure that Daily Vehicle Checklist are filed with ease of retention for audit purposes,

Ensure that all Hired Fleet Vehicles are subjected to a thorough check between handover to and from COMPANY
by the Contractor, and that a thoroughly completed checklist is completed and retained as part of process,
All damages noted must be reported to the contractor, and the employee’s superior by way of e-mail,
Coordinate Vehicle Maintenance requirements with the contractor,
Ensure productivity of the fleet, by ensuring that the vehicles on hire is not surplus to the facility’s demand,
Ensure that all vehicles returned are filled with Diesel at the COMPANY PE Warehouse, prior to the returns of such vehicles
to the contractor,
Ensure that a SLA is in place with the Contractor, and that monthly SLA meetings are held and minute,
Ensure that Tracking Systems, are always fully functional and where any issue with the functionality is experienced
that such issues are reported through to the employee’s superior,
Ensure that random checks are completed (Minimum of 2 per week), between planned routes, and tracking analysis,
so as to monitor any misappropriation of fleet vehicles,
Ensure that tracking analysis is reviewed for any speeding offences by the drivers,
Ensure that documented records of such checks are retained for audit purposes,

Ensure that Diesel Bowser Access is strictly managed against any form of misappropriation, and that Diesel is ONLY distributed for use within COMPANY Fleet and COMPANY Hired Fleet Vehicles,
Facilitate Diesel Distribution as and when required within the vehicle fleet,
Ensure that Accurate documented records are maintained for all diesel distribution transactions, from the Diesel Bowser,
Ensure that such records are retained and filed for ease of reference for audit purposes,
Ensure that Diesel Stock is replenished when a balance of 2000 Litres of Diesel is reached by following the COMPANY Order Process,
Ensure that the monthly stock recon report is completed, accounting for all diesel purchases, diesel distribution, and
Diesel Bowser Stock Balance accurately on a monthly basis,
Compile Monthly Fuel Efficiency Reports, per Vehicle and submit as much to Operations Manager,
Manage Fuel Cards in addition to Diesel Bowser, ensuring proper handover to and from drivers, which must be documented, and fuel cards not I use must be locked in a secure environment when not out on issue,
Ensure an accurate monthly reconciliation from Westbank on Fuel Card Utilisation, ensuring no misappropriation of fuel cards are in occurrence,



Ensure that time in attendance is accurately recorded, by all personnel, permanent and labour broker staff, on a daily basis, in as far as the personnel under the employee’s management is concerned,
Ensure that all labour broker personnel, (drivers and vehicle assistants) completes their daily Timesheets accurately,
Review daily timesheets on a weekly basis, and submit as much to the Operations Manager on a weekly basis, being every Monday before 10:00, or the first working day after the Monday should the Monday be a public holiday, in
reference to the preceding week,
Ensure that all form of absenteeism is recorded, reflected in timesheets, and that an absenteeism report is submitted to
the Operations Manager on a weekly basis,EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT
Ensure that each employee under your management have a signed Up to Date Job Profile at all times,
Compile and Manage Compliance to an Annual Training Schedule for staff under your management,
Complete Performance Appraisals for Staff under your Management,
Ensure that all new employees permanent, casual, or ad hoc under your management are inducted upon
commencement of employment,
Manage employee performance in line with compliance to Job Profiles, and adherence to COMPANY Policies and Procedures,
and compliance to superior instructions,
Apply first line disciplinary action where so required,
Effectively and efficiently address and resolve all staff related queries,
Effectively and efficiently manage productivity in the workplace so as to ensure that no casual employees are
employed surplus to daily demand,
Effectively and efficiently compile monthly leave schedules and manage conformance thereto.
Manage driver hours not to exceed legislative frame works,
Ensure that all client distribution requirements are attended to on a daily basis, through productive route scheduling,
Ensure that all route scheduling are encapsulated on a Trip sheet, recording all deliveries per route.
Ensure that accurate records are maintained of all distribution requirements outsourced on a daily basis, as well as
all local distribution requirements attended to with own and or hired fleet,
Analyse Trispheets for any “missed deliveries” with a view to prioritise as much the following day.
Employee might be required to assist in other areas of the operation and or facility, as instructed by the OPS Manager,
Employee must follow all lawful and reasonable instructions form superiors,
Employee must ensure that they are familiar with, and comply to all COMPANY Policies and Procedures,
Employee must ensure that they are familiar with, and comply to all Quality Work Instructions in
reference to her position in the facility,
Where required, employee must ensure that he/she obtains clarity from superior, where he/she deem
as much to be required,
Employee must ensure that he/she meet all deadlines in reference to her/his position at the facility, or
request an extension in writing where he/she deems that they would not be able to meet a deadline,
Employee must ensure that they meet the requirements in terms of any SHERQ Related Appointments,
within the facility, with no deviations and or non conformances to such requirements,
Employee must report any incident which could possibly result in a claim against COMPANY to the OPS Manageand General Manager, within 12 hours of becoming aware of such a possibility, and such incidents
will include, but not be limited to stock variances, stock shortages, poor stock management principles
in terms of FIFO, Expired Stock, Product Damages, Incorrect Product and or Expired Product Dispatches,
equipment damages, racking damages, material handling equipment damages, asset damages.
Notification as is required in point 16.8 must be done by way of e-mail within 12 Hours of having
become aware of such an incident,
Assess on a regular basis, the Quality Work Instructions in relevance to your area of responsibility
for applicability, and where necessary facilitate documented version controlled updates,

Ability to comprehend and execute superior instructions,
Ability to show initiative, and be innovative within position being held,
Ability to function independently, with minimal supervision,
Ability to pay attention to detail,
Ability to perform under pressure
Excellent problem solving skills,
Ability to communicate effectively,

Candidate Requirements
Grade 12 Certificate, or relevant equivalent tertiary qualification Minimum two years industry related experience Diploma in Logistics

Apply before Sunday, July 21, 2019 – 30 Days left
Companies may expire jobs at their own discretion.
If you have not received a response within two weeks, your application was most likely unsuccessful.

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